Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday

Housework - Check
Nappies washed & in the drier - Check
Baby in bed for afternoon nap - Check
Older 4 monkeys upstairs tidying bedrooms - Check
5 minuits peace & quiet for me then? - Oh yes :-D

Ive neglected this for a week or so, mainly because ive been a bit lazy, not done much & its been a hectic week.

Decorating the boys bedroom has come to a stand still, we ordered a new bunk bed, waited a week for delivery & when i arrived it is the wrong one, so has to go back. Were now waiting for the company to pick it up again, before we can order another. Of course i didnt notice it was the wron bed untill i had dismantled & got rid of the old bunk, so now the boys are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, which also means there is no space to build the 3 new chests of draws *sigh*

We also had Nathan & Thomas's appeal for a school place on Friday, the letter stated it was more of an informal discussion, so when i walked in & it looked like a board room meeting i went to pieces. I have no idea what the outcome will be, we didnt get informed there & then, we will get a letter hopefully tommorow or Wednesday. Im so on edge about it though, if they dont get a place at the school Chloe & Jack are at it means changing schools for all of them & the only school with for them all is over 2 miles away.

To top off all of that i now have a stinking cold!!!

The crafting has been a bit non productive this week too, i have a huge list of things to do that require a sewing machine & i dont have one right now. I usually borrow my mums, its been living with me for the last few months, but she decided she needed it back (tut tut). I really need my own machine, i keep looking but end up feeling swamped with all the different things they can do, Lol.
I have a small oval chest that i am planning on decorating with decoupage (thanks to some insparation given by a very lovely lady, who decorated a table & shared pics) I made a start on sanding it down yesterday, im hopefully going to finish the sanding this afternoon & start painting tommorow.

Anyway i think thats the highlights from last week.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sewing - T-shirt to trousers

I finally got some house work done yesterday, so last night i sat down to get some sewing done too.
I saw a fab tutorial for turning old adult size t-shirts into babys trousers some time ago, so last week i made Adam some starwars trousers which turned out brilliant. Since then Ive been on the scrounge for old t-shirts off family members, my mum turned up with a fair pile (a few of Dads that she dosent like on him, & he dosent know have gone yet, lol) so i thought i had better make a start as Adam is really short on trousers/shorts that actually fit over his big cloth nappys.

After making the same mistake twice & having to sit & unpick seams twice (i was somewhat distracted last night, i dont usually make silly mistakes) it only took me half an hour to finish them. He wearing his new shorts today & they look really ace.

Monday, 17 May 2010

My first blog post

Hmm... really need to get motivated today, all i have done is sit in front of the computor, so my house looks like a bomb has hit it.
I think my motivation is... if i do the cleaning up today i can get on with one of my craft projects tommorow, without feeling guilty.

Adam went to bed last night with 3 teeth & woke up this morning with 6!!! ive known they were coming for a week or so but didnt expect them all in one night, poor little man, he's in a right grumpy mood today :( also found tooth #7 on its way too. Ive put his amber necklace on & he's gone down to sleep for a bit, so hopefully he will be feeling a bit better when he wakes.