Friday, 21 October 2011

My Pregnant mare!

The very pregnant Bea, pic taken last week, this week she looks even bigger!


wow i really have neglected my blog for a while havent I... must get back on track.
So what has been taking up all my time since my last post? well ive had a baby girl in march this year, Elizabeth & shes adorable. Elizabeth is now 7 months old, can nearly sit up, has one tooth & was trying to crawl last night!
but its not just little Lizzy thats taken up all my time, in May i bought a horse. Bess, a lovely little 13,2 yearling filly, Welsh section C x Knabstrup... but me being me one was not quite enough so i talked hubby into letting me buy another! So in August I bought Bea, a 14,2 chestnut mare (no definate breed history, but i suspect alot of Welsh section D in her) Hubby said the horses had to stop at that, 2 was my limit absoloutly no more!!! & i happily agreed... BUT...fate has other ideas...
...2 weeks ago i brought Bea in from the field, had not seen her for a few weeks due to kids going back to school etc, well no other way to put this shes HUGE as in very fat belly! "Hmm that looks pregnant" was what went through my mind! Other people agreed she looked a little more than "just fat" so the vet did some blood tests & .... Yes we have a foal on the way!
Horses carry for 11 months so she got preggas way before i got her, no idea when the foal is due, we just have to wait it out but i suspect she wont go much longer.
Watch this space :-)