Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Quilts Quilts Quilts

Because ive not kept this up to date for so long im going to group together all my quilting in one post.

I got the quilting bug after seeing a quilt made by a member of , I've now made five quilts!

The first was Adam's cot bed quilt, its a panel of jungle themed fabric surrounded by short pile fur giraffe fabric & fleece backed.

I outlined every little detail on the panel with small stitches on the machine with just my standard machine foot, it took forever! & i haven't been in a rush to do one like this since lol. I have bought another fabric panel but its been sat in my sewing box for a few months.


My next project was patchwork playmats for myself (i was expecting my youngest daughter) & one for my friend who was also expecting. These were fantastic projects & i loved every minuet of making them.

 This was the one i made for a friend, she knew she was having a girl so i went mad with the pink & girly theme. 
I then took it a step further & added the arches & toys.

This is the one i did for myself (Left), i made it before my 20 week scan so made it unisex. Its served me very well & 14 months on Lizzy still goes & sits on it in he corner with her toy box.

& the last of the play quilts was this one (Right) made more recently for my cousins baby boy.

Last but most defiantly not least is Lizzy's 1st birthday cot quilt, this is my favourite of all the quilts I've made so far. I spent ages choosing fabrics & even when i thought i had what i wanted, i laid it all out & was still not 100% happy, so i bought some pink gingham & blue micro dot to add in which worked perfectly. I set the squares diagonally, bordered with the blue micro dot, set pink gingham in the corners & edged with pale pink satin ribbon. its backed with lovely warm snuggly pink spotty fleece & as a finishing touch i embellished the patchwork with little pink satin rosebuds.

To make it that extra bit special for her birthday i embroidered a label for the back.

"Happy 1st Birthday Elizabeth Rose Hall, Love Mummy & Daddy"

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Foal Has Arrived

I really am rubbish at keeping this update, not enough hours in the day at the moment.

Mr Darcy arrived on 22 March 2012, I had a funny feeling that Thursday morning so rushed straight to the stables after taking the kiddies to school. I was greeted by Lorraine & Stuart at the gate saying "has someone rung you?" & I answered "Is it here???" then ran to the stable door.

I breathed such a sigh of relief when i saw a healthy mare & foal looking back at me, not only that a very hansom foal! I had been very worried about what exactly might pop out considering we had no idea what the stallion was that covered Bea.

Darcy has been a very bold little chap from day one, even at a few hours old he was coming up to me & letting me stroke him, by two days i was lifting his feet & he expects kisses whenever i pass the stable! Now nearly six weeks on & he's getting big! his character is getting bigger & bolder by the day, I cant help but feel he is going to make one VERY special horse in the future.

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Pregnant mare!

The very pregnant Bea, pic taken last week, this week she looks even bigger!


wow i really have neglected my blog for a while havent I... must get back on track.
So what has been taking up all my time since my last post? well ive had a baby girl in march this year, Elizabeth & shes adorable. Elizabeth is now 7 months old, can nearly sit up, has one tooth & was trying to crawl last night!
but its not just little Lizzy thats taken up all my time, in May i bought a horse. Bess, a lovely little 13,2 yearling filly, Welsh section C x Knabstrup... but me being me one was not quite enough so i talked hubby into letting me buy another! So in August I bought Bea, a 14,2 chestnut mare (no definate breed history, but i suspect alot of Welsh section D in her) Hubby said the horses had to stop at that, 2 was my limit absoloutly no more!!! & i happily agreed... BUT...fate has other ideas...
...2 weeks ago i brought Bea in from the field, had not seen her for a few weeks due to kids going back to school etc, well no other way to put this shes HUGE as in very fat belly! "Hmm that looks pregnant" was what went through my mind! Other people agreed she looked a little more than "just fat" so the vet did some blood tests & .... Yes we have a foal on the way!
Horses carry for 11 months so she got preggas way before i got her, no idea when the foal is due, we just have to wait it out but i suspect she wont go much longer.
Watch this space :-)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Soft structured full buckle carrier

Ive been planning on making a Mei Tai for some time & not quite had the confidence to start what i thought would be a big project.

Anyway while re-organising my numerous boxes of fabric & sewing bits last week, i came accross the buckles & webbing i had cut off my old Tomy crotch dangler carrier six months ago (yes, i horde everything that i think may come in usefull one day, lol) It gave me the insparation i had been looking for & i made the decision to take the plunge & make a full buckle carrier instead, as i havent got one in my stash right now.

Its my first attempt at making a baby carrier & also my first attempt at applique, In total it only took me about a day & a half to design & make, To say i am pleased with the results is a huge understatment, i am absoloutly over the moon.


I now can't wait to make a start on on my next carrier, I have some cowboy fabric that i bought to have made into a custom carrier, but now im considering making the custom carrier myself lol. I think the next one will be a half buckle on brown cord straps.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Its Here!!!

My sewing machine arrived yesterday afternoon, & after much faffing around with tension & trying to load the spool properly, i finally made something, a purple sock monkey!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Yes, boredom has really set in, ive even got my knitting out to pass a bit of time. As you can see knitting is not my strong point but i do find it very time consuming.

Im waiting for my lovely new sewing machine to be delivered (estimated delivery time is 1.45 - 2.45 today) ive pulled out my big box of fabric, gone threw it all & folded it all up neatly.

I have so many projects waiting in the wings, but many of them i have bought quite expensive fabric for, so really need something cheap & easy incase it takes a few goes to get use to a new machine.

Sock monkey's are going to be my machine test project to make sure the tension is right etc, i have a neat little pile of socks on the table ready to be monkey'fied!