Saturday, 26 June 2010

Soft structured full buckle carrier

Ive been planning on making a Mei Tai for some time & not quite had the confidence to start what i thought would be a big project.

Anyway while re-organising my numerous boxes of fabric & sewing bits last week, i came accross the buckles & webbing i had cut off my old Tomy crotch dangler carrier six months ago (yes, i horde everything that i think may come in usefull one day, lol) It gave me the insparation i had been looking for & i made the decision to take the plunge & make a full buckle carrier instead, as i havent got one in my stash right now.

Its my first attempt at making a baby carrier & also my first attempt at applique, In total it only took me about a day & a half to design & make, To say i am pleased with the results is a huge understatment, i am absoloutly over the moon.


I now can't wait to make a start on on my next carrier, I have some cowboy fabric that i bought to have made into a custom carrier, but now im considering making the custom carrier myself lol. I think the next one will be a half buckle on brown cord straps.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Its Here!!!

My sewing machine arrived yesterday afternoon, & after much faffing around with tension & trying to load the spool properly, i finally made something, a purple sock monkey!!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Yes, boredom has really set in, ive even got my knitting out to pass a bit of time. As you can see knitting is not my strong point but i do find it very time consuming.

Im waiting for my lovely new sewing machine to be delivered (estimated delivery time is 1.45 - 2.45 today) ive pulled out my big box of fabric, gone threw it all & folded it all up neatly.

I have so many projects waiting in the wings, but many of them i have bought quite expensive fabric for, so really need something cheap & easy incase it takes a few goes to get use to a new machine.

Sock monkey's are going to be my machine test project to make sure the tension is right etc, i have a neat little pile of socks on the table ready to be monkey'fied!

Exellent Post!

The postie has just been with a stack of letters, among them were Nathan & Tom's school appeal decisions, my hands were shaking while i was opening them but...We won the appeal!!!
The boys will be going to school very soon & are over the moon about it.